5 Steps to Write an Essay
Posted On 02/16/2021 05:23:46 by jonathankeith

1. Understand the essay question properly

Scrutinizing the essay question is an important and crucial task. Once you have done this, it will be easier for you to identify the type of essay. It may be helpful to highlight some critical keywords like “compare,” “discuss,” “contrast,” “evaluate,” “explain,” etc.

2. Select an interesting topic

Once you have an overview of the essay, you are in a better position to choose a title that is not just relevant but engaging for your readers. You may want to brainstorm and trigger a free flow of thoughts while jotting down some key ideas. Narrow down your focus and try to choose a topic depending on the purpose you are writing the essay for. If you still do not know how to find an interesting topic, then you should seek assistance from your teachers, mentors, guides, etc.

3. Outline your essay

Before you start writing it becomes essential to form a clear structure for your essay. Jot down your topic in the centre of the page and draw branches out from the topic, writing the key ideas for each of the branches. Continuing, in the same way, pen down successive headings. Once you have your list of ideas ready, divide your essay into three parts, namely, introduction, body, and conclusion.

The introduction paragraph will consist of an opening line followed by an explanation of the thesis statement and research methodology. The body paragraph is where you mention all the statistics, information from authentic sources, your research, and relevant data. The last part of your essay, that is, the conclusion paragraph should contain a restatement of a thesis statement and call to action.

4. Keep your readers’ interest in mind

While penning down your essay, keep your audience into consideration. The language you use should be according to your audience. The complex topics should be explained in easy words with relevant examples and data from authentic sources. As an essay writer, it is your responsibility to anticipate the questions, queries or doubts that may come up in your reader’s mind and, therefore, you should address each of them in your essay. Mentioning personal experiences and real-life examples help you in making your essay more relatable. You may put up questions for your audience at regular intervals within your essay.

5. Add the finishing touch

Before submitting your essay make sure to check the order and the logical flow of the arguments within the paragraphs. Ideally, your strongest points should be the wrapped in the first and the last paragraphs within the body but if you want you are free to change your style. Make sure you compose a writing a dissertation results section which is free from grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes. You may ask your friend or colleague for constructive criticism on the same.


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