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You want to know about bowl-trimmer?I'll show you some popular products:
iPower 16 inch Bud
Material and Includes: Acrylic transparent cover, 24* black rubber strip and black rubber ring, stainless steel mesh and basin(16inch), 4* rubber column, 1* serrated blade for dry trim, 1* straight blade for wet trim, 1*scissors. Visual Cutting: Transparent plastic cover with high transparency, easy to observe the cutting situation. The cover made of acrylic is strong and firm. Function: Trim twigs and remove leaves (hydroponic) Powerful Scissors: Harness the power of 30 scissors in 1 unit Highly quality: Come with sharp blade make clean quality cuts and minimize the damage done to the plants.

he iPower 16 inch leaf bowl trimmer uses a clear plastic top for better visibility, a removable handle for convenient storage, and removable grille for easy service. This trimmer will cut twigs, remove leafs, and preserve buds from a variety of plants. The iPower trimmer is essential in making hash, oils, aromatherapy products, and potpourris. It harnesses the power of 30 scissors in 1 unit and comes with 1 serrated blade and 1 straight blade.
Risentek 16 Inch
Most efficient,time saver,commercial grade manual plexiglass lid bud leaf trimmer with stainless cylinder(drone) and silicone fingers Compatible with wet and dry trim.Ideal for getting rid of excess leaves and trim twigs from a variety of plants and also can be used to trim indoor growing plants s to prepare essential oils and mixed flower for aromatherapy and potpourri This new, large 16-inch trimmer built with long lasting metal gearbox and CNC center grate with 5/16-inch slot for all size of flower trimming needed Built with adjustable cutting blade for more precise trim Premium quality with harness the power of 20 scissors in 1 unit

Blade position is easy to be adjusted via the small screws at the bottom of this trimmer machineļ¼Œbringing a higher effective trimming work.
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Eco Farm 2.7*2.7FT
Eco Farm 8*8FT
If you want to learn more:leaf trimmer machine

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