How to cite different types of sources
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1. Citing a Book


When you are citing a book in the Harvard format, then keep in mind that the title is italicized. Only the first letter of the first word is capitalized unless it is a proper noun. Here’s an example to learn.

James and Thomson, M. (2017) A guide to citation.3rd edition. London: London Publishing.

2. Citing an Edited Book


Edited books are a collection of chapters that are scripted by various authors. Their reference format is quite similar to the book referencing format except instead of the author name the editor name is followed by (eds.) to distinguish editors from authors. The basic format is as follows.

Editor surname(s), initial(s). (eds.) (Year Published). Title. Edition. Place of publication: publishers

3. Citing an E-Book


Students tend to make an extensive used of online documents and e-books while writing their research paper. While doing so, make sure you reference an e-book correctly by mentioning all the required information about its collection, its online location, and the date on which it was accessed. An e-book citation also requires explicit mention of the author’s name, the title, and the year of publishing. The generalized format is as follows.

Author surname(s), initial(s). (Year Published). Title. Edition. E-book format [e-book reader]. Name of the E-Book collection. (Accessed: day month year)

4. Citing a Journal


In Harvard format, when you make a citation to a journal, make sure that the title of the article is written within single quotation marks. This is followed by the title of the newspaper in italics. Keep in mind to capitalize the first letter of each word. The name of the paper is followed by the volume and the required page numbers.

5. Citing a Newspaper Article


Citing a newspaper article in Harvard format is quite similar to citing a journal article except instead of the volume, and the issue number, the date of publication and the edition of the journal is mentioned. A generalized format is as follows.

Author surname(s), initial(s). (Year) ‘Article Title’, Newspaper Title (edition), day month, page number(s).


6. Citing a Film


When you are citing a film in the Harvard format, make sure that you mention the directors’ name followed by the format of the movie you are making use of like film, DVD, etc. Here’s an example of a citation using the movie ‘Rear Window.’

Rear Window (1954) Directed by Alfred Hitchcock [Film]. Los Angeles: Paramount Pictures.

7. Citing a TV Program


When you are citing a television series in Harvard format, then you should make sure that the episode title is enclosed within quotation marks and the title of the show is in italics. It is followed by the series number and the episode number.

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